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Daniel is a Partner in Phystech Ventures. Hydrogen fuel cells pioneer in Eastern Europe. Venture capital professional focused on DeepTech, Robotics, Quantum, AI

Over the last 12 months, I have talked to 600 companies, and I can’t think of a single presentation in which HR was mentioned alongside with other team members. This suggests that most founders today do not consider HR playing a key role in the team.

When discussing the ideal top management structure with the CEO of a startup at the seed/round A stage, it is also rare to hear about the HR Director (HRD). Corporations, however, have a HR Business Partner position in its organizational chart, but I will use the job title HR Director for simplicity, which I…

As a venture capitalist, startups often ask me what help we can offer besides investment. I therefore hope that this article can give founders and CEOs a deeper understanding of what we can offer, and how this support is provided.

I’m sure the more experienced VCs will definitely have something to add to this list. However, less experienced VCs may gain some additional insight from hearing an inside-out account of effective portfolio management

From my experience, it is true that first-time founders, or founders who have not previously raised venture capital, benefit more from getting VCs on board than others.

Today, I‘d like to talk about the 3D printing industry. We hear a lot about 3D printing potential, its applications in the near future, and its capability for Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing. But where is 3D printing technology today in the context of industrial production? Is it still emerging, or are there already real cases of serial production? These are some of the key questions I would like to address in this article.

A long list of materials are used in 3D printing today, including resins, graphite, graphene, nitinol, and paper, as well as some others. …

Quantum computing is expected to disrupt a wide range of industries in the next 10–20 years, though the specific time frame strongly depends upon scientific and engineering results. Currently we have several market forecasts, though it is important to understand the high degree of uncertainty within this field.

Market Reports World, for example, states that the quantum computing market will grow by $7.3b during 2021–2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19%.

Meanwhile, Research and Markets valued the quantum computing software market at $472m in 2021, and predicted it to grow to $1,8b by 2026. …

We have three companies in our portfolio related to hydrogen: ZeroAvia, HyPoint and UVL Robotics. First investment in hydrogen we’ve made in 2014, that time it was not popular among VCs. Before 2020 situation did not change dramatically.

In 2019 we saw 37 deals in the H2 sector, while 2020 brought us 63 deals for a modest $300m. It looks like 2020 was a game changer for H2, there was a tectonic shift in the minds and plans of the world’s leading economies. In 2021 I expect deals for at least $1b.

I’ll show you largest and most interesting recent…

Pitchbook has released The eVTOL Air Taxi Startup Handbook and Air Mobility Map inside. I decided to complete the analytical review.

I have been actively monitoring drones and related technologies for 6+ years, and have made 4 deals in this space: HyPoint, Zeroavia, UVL Robotics and Krtkl. 50% of this list are represented in the current market map.

I would like to highlight a few interesting facts that are not written in the report and comment on the market map.

  1. Air taxi startups raised $3.8b in Q1 2021. This is almost 4 times higher than total amount invested in the…

European gas operators plan to double the length of the planned hydrogen pipeline. The European Hydrogen Backbone proposed building 11,600 km of hydrogen pipelines in the European Union by 2030, and bringing their length to nearly 40,000 km in 21 EU countries by 2040. In comparison, the length of the world’s longest gas pipeline, Nord Stream, is 1,200 km. The pipeline plan will cover the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, most of Central and Eastern Europe, Finland, Estonia and Greece. The truth is that 70% of this network will consist of repurposed existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure.


Daniel Shaposhnikov

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